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Missed the ship from SHIB and Safemoon? Don’t miss 4JNET


4JNET is a new project that provides investors with huge profit opportunities. For many people, it is very unfortunate to miss ships on projects like SHIB and Safemoon. However, investors have a new opportunity to earn the same return as 4JNET.

The project aims to spark a monetary revolution, which leads to financial inclusion. 4JNET places early and late investors on a level playing field, giving all investors the opportunity to reap huge returns from their investments. The structure of cryptocurrency tokens is to reward long-term holders for long-term holding. This allows you to invest the proceeds of 4JNET to achieve your financial goals.

4JNET will debut on December 1st, offering investors the opportunity to trade digital assets around the world. This is another opportunity for investors to get assets that are valued as quickly as possible.

Professionals and seasoned players love 4JNET.

4JNET has always been a favorite of top players in the cryptocurrency space. It has been praised by experts and experienced players throughout the market. This support is due to the underlying logic and protection mechanism of cryptocurrency tokens. Hedging against market deflation and ensuring long-term holding of tokens when investors dispose of their holdings.

The 4JNET team is a strong supporter of the HODL theme, which is often reacted to in the cryptocurrency market. History has proven that there is no better way to get the most out of your digital assets than by holding them for years. Therefore, the design of 4JNET takes this proven theory into account.

4JNET encourages investors to hold for a long time and rewards patience. Investors holding 4JNET assets will receive additional tokens every day as long as they hold it.

Treat investors fairly

As mentioned above, 4JNET pays investors to hold tokens. This is to prevent holders from dumping all their assets at the same time, causing asset prices to plummet. One way 4JNET does this is by using a reduced service charge mechanism.

For all transactions performed on the blockchain, 4JNET withholds 90% of the transaction amount. It becomes the service charge. This allows 4JNET to maintain a stable token price. Then 6% will be distributed to all token holders and the rest will be transferred to the 4JNET liquidity mining pool.

4JNET plans to reduce service fees by up to 10% as well as being beneficial to early investors. As trading volume increases, a reduction is applied, providing a bridge between early and late investors.

So 4JNET pays a higher service fee than deferred investors, but every transaction will see some decentralized and others sent to liquidity mining pools. This will stabilize the price of the asset despite high selling pressure.

security lock

Security is an important issue when investing in cryptocurrencies. The need for a secure platform becomes even more important as tokens cannot be retrieved once they are transferred. The configuration of 4JNET took this issue into account.

The US MSB license is one of the most widely used licenses in the field of digital currency trading. Any institution that provides currency exchange and remittance services must have this license, and 4JNET has obtained this license. This elevates 4JNET to a trusted first-class platform for global investors who understand the importance of licensing.

In addition, 4JNET’s smart contracts are audited by the world’s leading blockchain network security company. CertiK is known for working with large platforms. In addition to blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Terra and Neo, the product portfolio also includes auditing services for Binance, Huobi and OKEx.

4JNET’s liquidity certificates and contracts are also stuck in a black hole. The true liquidity of the core engine ensures that long-term holders enjoy maximum benefits. The development of the token industry remains to be seen.

Transparency is the name of the game

4JNET is committed to providing investors with long-term projects and maintaining transparency in how they invest. First, the limited edition NFT of 4JNET was released on October 20th. A total of 5,000 limited-edition NFTs will be pre-sold, prior to the token launch on December 1st.

4JNET has again taken an interesting path. Pre-sale performance will not affect the release scheduled for December 1st. Regardless of whether the pre-sale goal is met or not, 4JNET will continue to issue tokens.

During the three-day pre-sale period, NFTs sold to holders accounted for 30% of the total tokens at the time of launch on December 1. NFT holders can claim 30% of all tokens after launch and unlock 2% of tokens daily. As long as you hold NFTs, you will be able to receive 2% of your tokens every day in the future.

In addition, holding NFTs can reduce the holder’s all service fees by 3%.

Finally, the 4JNET team does not hold 4JNET tokens. Funds raised from the pre-sale are used to advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and industry KOL.

4JNET tokens have been hard-developed and offer unlimited potential to investors. To learn more about this project, visit *Insert Website or Related Links*.

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