US Job Offer Abroad With Accommodation in 2023

Don’t think of it. Yes, don’t think that you’ll enter the US because you’ve gotten an accommodation-free job.

You must pass through the necessary procedures even if you’re off for remunerated job offer in the US.

How to get a US work Visa is treated in a different article. Here, you’ll get to know some US Job offers abroad with accommodation in 2023. Will their pay be worth your time? Yes? Then, click the link that will be provided.

US Job Offer Abroad With Accommodation in 2023

You don’t have to worry about accommodation if you’re down with the following Opportunities in the US:

  • Ski Instructor job
  • AU Pair
  • Join the Peace Corps
  • Hostel Worker jobs
  • Farm Hand
  • Cruise Ship Worker
  • Bartenders in the US

#1. Ski Instructor

A ski instructor is a master of skiing who teaches people how to ski. They help in the skill improvement of already experienced ski riders. They also work as coaches with people who ski for competition.

Do you have the wow factor in skiing and you crave where to live out your ski dreams? Then find your way to the US.

The US is one of the best places in the world for ski and ski coaching. Don’t worry about accommodation, you’ll be living in the ski resort at subsidized rent or no fee at all. Yes, you’ll be given a monthly stipend.

Average pay: $51,919 per annum

Become a ski instructor in the US

#2. AU Pair

If you’re between the age of 18 and 38 years then you qualify for AU Pair.

AU pair is a young male or female who stays with a host family from a different culture, country, and religious background to learn their culture, and language in exchange for domestic services like child care, washing, and cooking. You’ll also be paid a monthly stipend and your feeding is taken care of.

This is a good time to explore the richness of other cultures, learn other languages, and most importantly, live out your dreams in the US without having to pay for accommodation.

Average pay: $1,000.56 per annum

Enroll for au pair in the US in 2023

#3. Join the Peace Corps

God bless America and President John F. Kennedy for this accommodation-helping vision since 1961. Peace Corps is a voluntary work in which members live and work in communities abroad, providing support in areas such as education, health, agriculture, and community development. The program lasts for two years.

You don’t need a special skill to join the Peace Corps. If you’re employable in any of the sectors mentioned above and you show interest to join the Peace Corps, then you’re in.

Average Pay: $26,280 per annum

Join the Peace Corps in the US in 2023

#4. Hostel Worker Job

As a hostel worker, you provide housekeeping and sanitary services to a hostel. You’ll clean places like the public toilet, shower, and general environment as directed by the hostel Manager.

As a hostel worker, you live in and pay a heavily discounted rent fee. To some extent, you pay nothing.

Average pay: $54,696 Per annum

Does this sound like you?

Become a Hostel Worker in the US now

#5. Farm Hand in the US

Your agricultural skill has never been a waste. Become a farmhand in the US. A farm hand is a person who gives support to a farm owner on the daily running of the farm.

All you need to be a farm hander is to know how to take care of the farm.

Due to the high engagement of the farm hand, you’ll be required to live and work on the farm.

I love the farm dear.

Average pay: $28,839 per annum

Become a farm hand in the US

#6. Cruise Ship Worker

How about cruising away?

A cruise ship worker can be employed to work in any department of the cruise ship. Their services include assisting in the operation of the ship, they may serve food and drinks, maintaining cabins and public areas, leading shipboard activities, and providing entertainment.

That sounds like fun to me. How about you?

The best part is you don’t have to pay for accommodation, your feeding is taken care of and your stipends keep coming in.

Average pay: $48,970 per annum

Become a cruise ship worker in the US

#7. Bartenders in the US

A bartender is a male or female who is specialized in serving alcoholic drinks and soft drinks with all sorts of drinks behind the desk in the bar.

This kind of job requires extensive knowledge of drink brands. You should be good at starting a conversation and keeping it warm and easygoing.

Considering the tasks and demands of bartending, your employer will be pleased to make you a resident barman. Your feeding and accommodation will be taken care of on a subsidized stipend

Average pay: $26,350 per annum

Find out how to become a bartender in the US.

People Also Ask

#1. What Visa do I need to work Abroad with Accommodation?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be working in the US onsite or offsite. You need a US work permit visa to live and work.

Your living and working onsite are strictly on the job policy and the agreement with your employer.

#2. Is working in a hostel a good experience?

You can end up being happy for the rest of your life working in a hostel. Or you can live in nightmares. It depends on who runs things there.

Closing it Up

It’s never too late to achieve all your dreams. A journey of a thousand miles begins with an action. You took the right action by stopping by the US Job offer abroad with accommodation in 2023.

What remains is to keep going.

Get the US work permit visa, reach out to the links provided, and find yourself in the US working accommodation charge free.

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