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Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) and InfinitX (INX): Potential New Cryptocurrencies?


Two new cryptocurrencies are currently skyrocketing, with prices rising to triple digits: Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) and InfiniteX (INX). BBTC is up about 680% and InfinitX is up almost 900%, according to data from Coinmarketcap.com. But what about this new cryptocurrency? We carefully studied these two coins and said: What is Baby Bitcoin (BBTC)? What is Infinite X? What is the difference between the new cryptocurrency? How have prices developed recently? And: How do I buy cryptocurrency?

Baby Bitcoin: Price rises 680%

The new cryptocurrency with the odd name “Baby Bitcoin” obviously wants to benefit from the name BTC, which is a great role model. Bitcoin has hit an all-time high (we report it) and many are looking for information about the best cryptocurrencies right now, and you may come across one of the many altcoins with “Bitcoin” in the title.

However, Baby Bitcoin is not a Bitcoin fork like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Diamond. Instead, the new cryptocurrency is a coin on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). I am currently working hard.

BBTC has increased by over 680% in the last 24 hours. Starting at a low of $0.0000002193, buyers lowered their tokens to $0.00000001944. This is a new regional high, slightly below the historical high. It reached a price of $0.00000002 on July 13th.

Daily chart: Baby Bitcoin is rising. Source: Coinmarketcap.com

Baby Bitcoin’s official Twitter account also commented on the growth:

“Babybitcoin, the daughter of Bitcoin, is rising like her father. We are a huge DPI token and MC is less than $1 million. We previously reached $15 million and now is the time to start pumping Bitcoin.”

Baby Bitcoin, Bitcoin Daughter looks like dad. We are a massively established defi token and have an MC of less than $1 million. We previously reached $15 million. Now is the time to rise using Bitcoin.
0xdeb9e5d630cea02cf83258aaf5bad933f7a43ae7https://t.co/LvQbtmRFfo pic.twitter.com/cXX0X0XghU

– BabyBitcoinBITC 공식 (@BabyBITC_bsc) October 20, 2021

What is Baby Bitcoin (BBTC)?

But what kind of cryptocurrency is Baby Bitcoin? The white paper explains this in detail.

“Missing your father’s bitcoin journey? There is still time to start this new journey and follow in the footsteps of the greatest coin in history.”

BabyBitcoin was born out of a community philosophy of supporting El Salvador’s “powerless children”. Developer Description: As the world of cryptocurrency spreads across the globe, they will see BabyBitcoin as “not only beneficial to investors, but also beneficial to children in need”. Baby Bitcoin is “the first cryptocurrency token designed to help children”.

The white paper doesn’t say how this should actually work. It was simply said, “Study thoroughly where the capital should go and proceed in the safest and most transparent way.”

Also, according to the official website, BabyBitcoin (BBTC) aims to provide lasting benefits to project owners through a transaction tax system. All regular transactions are subject to a 5% tax. Of that, 3% goes to liquid mining pools and 2% goes on to be allocated to owners. The developer also promised:

“We are working on various projects such as online broadcasting, virtual casinos that accept BBTC, online gaming, lottery and Unity NFT, satellite tokens to promote the growth of BBTC.”

InfinitX Causes Price Soaring, Soaring 883%

After a nearly 900% rise, many investors are now paying attention to the new cryptocurrency InfinitX (INX). You can significantly increase your value in less than 24 hours, and you are currently hitting new highs.

Buyers pushed INX from a low of $0.000000005087 to $0.000000003847 and then climbed further to $0.00000006, an all-time high for INX. There is a slight modification to bring InfinitX back to the token’s current trading price of $0.00000005777.

Daily Chart Up 900%: InfinitX. Source: Coinmarketcap.com

So, according to Coinmarketcap.com’s cryptocurrency rankings, InfinitX is ranked 3,044, so there may be plenty of room to move forward. Coins are also popular and many people search for them. A lot of people want to know. What is InfinitX?

What is InfinitX (INX)?

Like Baby Bitcoin (BBTC), InfinitX is a new type of cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). InfinitX refers to itself as a reward and rebase token. A lot of them are now appearing. So, what is the difference between INX?

According to the white paper, InfinitX is the first to use an “advanced rebase system” to reward users with Ripple’s XRP and rebase tokens. Developers promise that smart contracts will be unique as they guarantee lower price caps and higher transaction volume for stable growth compared to “old” reward tokens. Motto: “Buy INX to expand your XRP wallet”

According to the report, the team is also planning its own INX video game in the near term. Then you have to combine it with the XRP lottery. You have to pay a certain amount of INX to play.

You should then be able to collect lottery tickets directly from the game and use them to participate in the weekly lottery and win prizes in the form of Ripple’s XRP. The more tickets a player collects in the game, the higher their chances of winning the weekly lottery.

However, according to the white paper, the main goal of InfinitX is a complete gaming ecosystem. As the INX team explained:

“We hope to develop a complete gaming ecosystem where you can earn INX through games. The InfinitX gaming platform will be a website that anyone can visit, whether or not an INX owner.”

You can find more information on the token’s official website and white paper.

How to Buy Crypto: Buying Coins Like Baby Bitcoin (BBTC)

Getting cryptocurrency is basically easy. All you need is an account with a cryptocurrency broker or exchange like test winner eToro. Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) is not available there, but there are many other cryptocurrencies. That’s why this easy-to-understand guide explains how to buy coins there.

Step 1: Register

First, create an account with eToro. Just enter your username, email address and password. You will then receive a confirmation link from eToro via email. Click the link in the email to complete your registration.

Etoro Step 1

Step 2: Recharge your account

Now I will show you how to top up your eToro account to buy cryptocurrency. The relevant “Deposit” button is in the lower left corner. Click on it and you will be prompted to choose a payment method. Then just enter the amount you want to top up.

eToro offers a variety of deposit methods to choose from. This includes popular methods like PayPal or bank transfer. Credit cards are also accepted if desired.

Payment methods accepted to buy IOTA by bank transfer ✔️ Buy IOTA with credit card ✔️ Buy IOTA via Neteller ✔️ Buy IOTA via Skrill ✔️ Buy IOTA via PayPal ✔️ Buy IOTA via online banking ✔️ Buy IOTA via fast wire transfer ✔️ With Sofort IOTA Purchase ✔️ Use Debit Card Purchase IOTA ✔️

Step 3: Buy Crypto on eToro

The time has come: you can now buy cryptocurrencies. Click in the search input field (top center). Now just enter the name of the coin you want to buy (eg Baby Bitcoin, BBTC) and it will be displayed. Click for more information about cryptocurrencies.

Click the “Trade” button to display the options at the time of purchase.

Buy or Sell: Here you can decide whether to sell or buy. Immediate or Order: This option allows you to decide whether to execute the transaction immediately or defer it. Quantity: Here you can set the number of tokens you need to purchase in your cryptocurrency. Stop Loss and Take Profit: You can automatically close each position when your profit or loss reaches a certain level. Leverage: Set your leverage here. Just click the X to buy real Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) coins. On the other hand, with X2, you can get Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) CFDs.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.

Last updated on October 21, 2021

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile and unregulated investment product. Your funds are at risk.

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