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Which is the Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022

I can’t think of anything much better than cryptocurrency to invest in 2022…

If you were to ask me what the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now is, I would say that it’s Ripple. However, I believe that over time there will be other cryptocurrencies that grow even more than Ripple, so I’ve decided to write this article about them.

Currency ranking site finder.com has come up with a list of the coins which are predicted to make the biggest gains in 2019 and 2020. This prediction is based on their algorithm which analyzes social media buzz (Twitter, Reddit etc.) and historical data. Some of the cryptocurrencies included are Stellar, EOS and Cardano.

Advantages of cryptocurrency

As mentioned previously which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022, there are many reasons as to why you could benefit from using cryptocurrency. For starters, it is much more secure than traditional currency and can’t be counterfeited – this means that you won’t need to worry about someone coming along and copying your hard-earned money like they would with a paper note.

Cryptocurrency is also accepted by many online retailers (and brick and mortar stores) which makes it easier to purchase things without having to carry around bulky bank notes or cards.

And the best part of all? You don’t need any identification for most cryptocurrencies. This provides an amazing layer of anonymity which is especially useful if you want to prevent someone tracking how much money you have (or what you’re buying). The only time people will need to know who you are is if you want to exchange your money for something else.

Different cryptocurrencies available

As you can imagine, there are numerous different types of cryptocurrency on the market today so choosing the right one can be somewhat difficult. That said, most of them are fairly similar so it’s just a matter of finding one that works best with your situation.

Atomic Coin

This is an independent decentralized platform which has been designed to operate on multiple devices. It uses atomic swaps and BIP65 technology to provide anonymity without having any third parties or escrow agents involved in its transactions. They had their ICO earlier this year but have yet to give away all of their coins for free.

Atomic Coin provides lightning fast transaction speeds and uses its own blockchain to store all transactions. This means that you don’t need to trust an external entity with your personal data, which is great for security.


IOTA stands for Internet of Things Application. It was created in Germany and provides a new way of doing things on the internet by using DAG technology instead of using block chains. This allows it to operate without any transaction fees, unlimited scalability and offline transactions (the ability to send money even when there isn’t any internet connection). Their number one goal is to enable machine-to-machine communications by allowing different devices to transact with each other.

They also support smart contracts so you can use them with confidence knowing that they will perform exactly how you want them to.


This is another cryptocurrency which you can use to send and receive payments without having to worry about high commission fees or slow transaction speeds. They have a wide range of uses including decentralized apps, cloud storage solutions, smart contracts and many more innovative ideas that will help them to succeed in the future.


The Cardano project was launched in 2015 but didn’t start trading until this year (2017). It’s a fully open source platform which aims to provide top-notch blockchain technologies for developing financial applications. They’re currently working on creating an investment firm called Emurgo which will be known as the gateway between the Cardano block chain and people who want to understand how it works.

It also has its own virtual machine in the form of IELE which uses its own language called Plutus. The project is currently being developed by IOHK who are a leading blockchain research and development firm. They have over 150 employees who work on different projects related to cryptocurrencies.


NEO – This particular cryptocurrency is designed to digitize, manage and automate the process of managing financial contracts and digital assets using smart contracts. It’s named after an ancient Chinese philosophy which focuses on creating agreements between parties through their digital equivalents without having any middlemen involved in the transactions themselves.

They’re also focused on making it easy for businesses to use their services with users able to program their own smart contracts into the system if they choose to do so (this feature might be removed or changed at a later date).


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange which was launched in 2017, but it’s already made a big impression on the market. It offers a range of trading pairs and allows users to make withdrawals from their wallets 24/7 due to its automatic trading feature. Users wanting to buy cryptocurrencies at the best possible prices can use this particular platform as all fees are included in the price they see when searching for coins.

They also have a referral program where you can earn 25% commission for every user that you refer which is paid out in their own currency (BNB), which has been created especially for the Binance Exchange.

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