Top 8 Reliable Adoption Immigration Lawyers Near Me

Are you on the lookout for an adoption immigration lawyer? If yes, then firstly, you need to understand that adopting a Child is an important decision that changes the life of your family.

It may seem easy for some families, but others have to face and go through various complexities of the Immigration law.

When it comes to adoption, the service of an adoption immigration lawyer plays a crucial role in facilitating the process by ensuring legal compliance and uniting families across different countries.

How Do Adoption And Immigration Work?

Adoption and immigration is a system that involves a legal process where families adopt a child from another country by being willing to take up the responsibility and obligation to take off the child as well as providing parental support.

Before this can be done, you will seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer having expertise in both adoption and immigration law.

If you need some legal services in such an aspect, this article is here to list out some of the best immigration lawyers available whether you’re within the United States or the United Kingdom.

Best Adoption Immigration Lawyers To Consult

  1. OTS Solicitors 

Being the first on our list, OTS Solicitors is one of the best adoption immigration lawyers to consult. Their services range from business immigration to commercial and company law.

This London-based firm would be an excellent option because its team has several years of experience in inter-country adoption, as well as immigration and adoption.

Therefore, if you are a parent who navigates complex laws around adopting a child from overseas, you should reach out to this firm for the best service.

2. Kriezelman Burton & Associates

Based in the US to adopt a child from another country? the best adoption immigration lawyer to consult is the well-known Kriezelman Burton & Associates.

They attend to the needs of every client by keeping them informed about the adoption and immigration process as well as catering for their welfare.

Several families have expressed their gratitude here as a result of the unwavering efforts undertaken by this Chicago-based legal firm to bond them with other children to start a new family.

3. JMW Solicitors

JMW Solicitors in the United Kingdom specializes in Adoption law and building families from different borders. Based on their vast experience, this firm is highly regarded throughout the United Kingdom.

Seek out JMW Solicitors if you are looking for a good adoption and immigration lawyer. Although several difficulties are attached to adoption, this firm has a pragmatic and understanding approach to tackling every situation and securing the outcome you’re hoping for.

4. Genesis Law Firm 

You can find Genesis Law Firm in Everett, Washington. This company understands that parents get an enjoyable and rewarding experience in life after adopting a child.

On the other hand, immigration issues can be very challenging, and this is where Genesis Law Firm steps in by having some of the best adoption immigration lawyers in the United States to assist clients in their quest for inter-country adoption.

5. Osbornes Law 

Osbornes Law entirely focuses on international adoption, and it also boasts some of the leading immigration adoption lawyers. in addition to this, they also offer advice to several clients willing to adopt a child from another country.

Most of their clients usually include British families, expatriate families who have adopted a child whilst living abroad to come back to the UK, and foreigners in the UK who want to adopt a child whilst living in any of the countries.

6. Joseph & Hall P.C

Joseph & Hall P.C. are available to fight for your interests by providing you with some of the best adoption immigration lawyers. Several U.S. couples may decide to adopt children abroad by considering immigration rules and ethics this company has all it takes to facilitate a smooth adoption process by stating all the requirements to be met before an adopted foreign child can immigrate to the country.

7. Duncan Lewis Solicitors

you can also consider Duncan Lewis Solicitors to get a competent adoption immigration lawyer within the United Kingdom. They assist in adoption matters that involve adopting a child from overseas, in an overseas country you’re living in, adopting a partner’s child, and also a child from a relative of your spouse or partner.

With a successful track record in advising clients on international application matters, there is a guarantee that your adopted child’s right to enter the UK is established with no legal complications.

8. Diener Law 

Diener Law has many several branches within the United States from California to North Carolina and Arizona. The firm along with its dedicated adoption immigration lawyers seeks to make a wonderful difference to a child’s life with immigration through adoption.

Diener Law has a vast knowledge of immigration law and a deep commitment to helping families go through the difficulties of adoption as well as guiding them through every step of the journey.


To sum up, the expertise of a reliable adoption immigration lawyer is indispensable. These legal professionals are best at what they do because they guide families through the processes of adoption and immigration with a certified assurance that the whole will be fulfilled.

The support and guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer can make all the difference for families willing to embark on the journey of welcoming a  child from another country.


How do I choose an adoption agency in the UK?

You can choose your preferred adoption agency in the UK by exploring the different agencies available. During the process, make sure to find the one that is right for you.

How much does an immigration lawyer cost in the USA?

Hourly fees typically span from $150 to $300 per hour. Help with form submissions typically falls within the range of $250 to $800. The cost for assistance with green card applications is generally between $800 and $5,000.

Is adoption difficult in the UK?

Based on Adoption UK’s Barometer, an annual survey examining the experiences of adoptive families, despite facing challenges, 76 percent expressed optimism about their future, and 71 percent would recommend adoption to others.