Zero Qualification Jobs Abroad in the UK

Education isn’t for everybody, even England, the birthplace of English.

You don’t need the degrees, you need the skills. England is starving for life-supporting and value-added services that a degree holder detests. This makes the zero qualification jobs abroad in the UK high in demand.

However, It’s not for you. Yes. Unless you can speak English to a good standard(have your GCSE), get a job offer from a trusted employer in the UK. Have a UK work permit Visa. Then you’re sure to land zero-qualification jobs abroad in the UK.

You’ve gotten your Visa and you can communicate in the English language? Let’s dive into the Jobs:

Zero Qualification Jobs Abroad in the UK

You stand a good chance entering England by landing any zero qualification jobs abroad in the UK listed below:

  • Cleaner
  • Delivery Driver
  • Bar Man
  • Barista
  • Fruit Pickers
  • AU Pair
  • Nanny

#1. Cleaner

According to IBISWorld, Cleaning service in the UK is a $6.5bn industry. With an expected growth rate of 5.7% in 2023. This is seen in the advent of gigantic businesses and official structures across England.

The most interesting part is that you don’t need any formal training or a degree before you work. You’ll be armed with the required skills to work. Be work ready and careful at handling things. That’s all.

Average Pay: £10.20 per hour

Be a cleaner in the UK

#2. Delivery Driver

Here is the stat. SNAF has it that there was a shortage of 76,000 HGV drivers in the UK. 2020 ITV reported that the figure had grown from 59,000 in 2919. The UK seeks ever-ready drivers to keep the goods and market in motion.

You only need a driver’s license from your home country and a driving permit from the UK government to start working.

Average Salary: $11.10 per hour

Become a Delivery Driver in the UK

#3. Bar Man

Barman or bartender is a socially acceptable job in the UK. As a barman, your job is to mix alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, and beverages for customers behind the desk. You do this by keeping the spirit high, chatty, and friendly.

You only need to be knowledgeable in drinks and mixtures. Aside from that, be social and easygoing with the ability to communicate fine.

Average Pay: $10.71 per hour

Become a Bartender in the UK

#4. Barista

The UK coffee market is valued at £15 billion per annum. With over 50% of Brits sipping it daily. Source by coffee affection. It’s been taken no matter the looks. Think what will happen when they drink their favorite flavor having their names on it.

That’s what a barista does, also called espresso coffee. You artistically serve coffee.

This skill isn’t taught at school. You don’t need any cert to work but a degree in beverages which isn’t necessary.

Average pay: £9.98 per hour

Become a Barista in the UK

#5. Fruit Pickers

‘We need pickers’ is the welcome notice at BBC NEWS UK labor market sector. Brexit activities have resulted in a shortage of labor in the UK. Which hurt the fruit sector to the point of having spoiled fruits in the field and no one to pick them up.

Good News: The British government has sponsored a new type of Visa for fruit pickers According to cravingbiz. You only need the farm training to start working. What are you waiting for? APPLY at once.

Average pay: $29 per hour

Register for the UK fruit picker Visa

#6. AU Pair

With the ever-increasing innovative business ideas in the UK, people especially family parents become busier. The only thing they think about is how to provide for their family. Source(Cultural care au pair).

They need someone to fill in the gap for them, up to 45 hours per week and 10 hours per day.

No other fun way to do so than AU Pair. You get to leave with the host family providing child care and other domestic chores. In return, you learn their language and culture. You’ll be fed and given monthly stipend.

Average pay: £20 per hour.

Became AU Pair in the UK

#7. Nanny

The UK is in high demand for nannies. The demand is sponsored by the pandemic, BREXIT, shortage of child care services, and high cost of nurseries in the UK. This also makes the nanny jobs in the UK hot cake with a salary growth of 13%. (Source from CITY.A.M)

In the UK you don’t necessarily need a degree to work. Just love and tolerate children. Have some skills to make them happy and comfortable around you. Know a few rhymes, and some lullabies. Play a bit of the piano.

Average Pay: £14 per hour

Become a nanny in the UK


#1. What are Other Zero Qualification Jobs Abroad in the UK?

The list of Zero Qualification Jobs Abroad in the UK can’t be exhausted. However, for your curio, others include:

  • Caregiver
  • Family Support
  • Farm Hand
  • Teaching English
  • Hostel worker
  • Cruise ship worker, etc

#2. Can I Upgrade My Visa To A Work Permit Visa?

No, you can upgrade or switch from. one UK Visa to the other. For each purpose is a unique Visa. Each entry demands a different Application.

#3. Can I Stay In The Uk After My Visa Has Expired?

No, it’s a criminal offense under section 24 of the Immigration Act 1971 to overstay your visa without reasonable cause. You have 30 days to leave the UK after your visa expires or be deported never to enter the UK.

Final Thoughts

Having a job in the UK without a degree is possible. You’re only required to be good with the English language, have a Gcse cert if necessary. If you’re not sure of the possibility of working in any of the zero qualification jobs abroad in the UK Listed above, enter as a fruit picker. You’re covered here. Make the move.

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