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What Crypto has the most potential 2022?

If crypto will experience the 100 percent growth that we think it will, and because there are so many exciting things coming up in the crypto market next year, then what would the most exciting things be in 2021? It doesn’t matter which type of crypto, it just has to serve its purpose, which is growing in all types of ways. With this in mind, I tried to compile this post from the most upcoming bitcoin projects in the crypto world so that all crypto investors can get a brief introduction of what is going to happen in 2021.

So let’s see what is on the list!

Silver Coin

Silvercoin is said to have 50% returns when everything is factored in, which is 400% higher than any other coin, even though it will release under the “alvacator”, which is an exchange for bitcoin. Silvercoin is going to be traded on Poloniex. Also, it’s going to introduce a hard fork just for future legacy of this cryptocurrency.


Andreeka Yillar is the creator of this cryptocurrency that launched with a choice of 10% income, which is 800% growth when the coin is analyzed. Yillar himself is the largest investor in this crypto in exchange with 0% returns and market gains and what he wrote in a blog post says that if there are areas where monetary assets are dominated, there are areas which are dominated by other monetary assets than they have on the market and like that, if miners want to earn a profit, they can choose which mining system to use.


Although it is said to have 15% returns when everything is factored in, Roboincoin also has some minuses with market losses and several exchange commission. It’s an Ethereum currency. This cryptocurrency came with a bid matrix and Google Index performance data. A buyer needs to trust the highly connected financial system to confirm this information before they are able to buy and hold this cryptocurrency.


FreakCoin is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies as it was only added to Coinmarketcap by August 2020. It’s used to measure how fast the social evolution of the cryptocurrency is. It also was able to beat Bitcoin’s top return of 330% if no respect on blockchain is written in the token not only. It’s a smart contract and it’s crypto development system that will allow the transaction on the blockchain to be protected.


Rosamo in the crypto world is said to have a wider distribution of community than the cryptocurrency’s market size. In addition, Rosamo has all kinds of benefits such as payments, recording of transactions and payroll records, the provision of update of members’ contribution and the ability to connect to decentralized databases.


Looking at cheetah’s code, cheetah/mintishoken is said to have a normalized code base which will make it easier for any crypto developer to improve the user experience. There is a planned roadmap for Cheetah that will maximize future adoption of the development of digital currencies and fiat currencies.

Coo coin

Bitcoin payment processor provider GoCoin uses Cheetah’s Ethereum protocol as their Proof of Work. So if you are a bitcoin developer who lives with GoCoin, you will see a very considerable transformation in Cheetah’s automated signals in the future. Cheetahcoin is also called CheetahCash because it’s a digital wallet. That means that it’s another blockchain and virtual currency in the world.

BitcoinChain Network

Bitcoinchain is says to have a 60% market size and 0% profits, so they are considered as a market under pressure. They’ve this money management system that will allow anybody to accept Bitcoin as the payment for everything that they own and by the end of 2021, all bitcoin-based payment systems are expected to make bitcoin ready for these monetary systems.

Clever Coin

CleverCoin is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that’s run by Lisa Lu. She also stated that when her name is mentioned, it’s her positive reputation with the clients as a female supervisor and a “straightforward data innovator, researcher, and developer”. This crypto was first introduced to the world in 2018 and the first three shareholders and 21 percent of the user base has already acquired CleverCoin.

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