What are the 10 Easiest Jobs to Get Abroad in 2023

10 Easiest Jobs to Get Abroad in 2023

You must have a job offer from any country you’re planning to migrate to before even applying for a visa. However, this article won’t be covering that. Here, we’ll be looking at the 10 easiest Jobs to get abroad in 2023 that will help you on the next step.

What are the 10 Easiest Jobs to Get Abroad in 2023?

You can begin by starting With the 10 easiest jobs to get abroad in 2023:

  • Digital Marketing/Freelancing;
  • Research Associate;
  • Driving;
  • Bartender;
  • Teaching;
  • Sales Assistant;
  • Barista, sell that coffee;
  • Nanny(Babysitting)
  • Dog Walking
  • Language Translator

#1. Digital Marketing/Freelance writing

Digital marketing is simply using social media handles to promote a brand’s product to prospective clients in an attempt to convince them to buy.

Freelance writing is writing blog posts, website articles, ghosting, etc for money. It’s called Freelance because you work at your pace.

In digital marketing, you’re paid a commission for every sale you make; in Freelance writing, you’re paid per gig.

#2. Research Associate

As a literate person, you should know one or two in your field of study. Better if you’re into medicine, any field works tho. Here you do creative research for organizations and firms.

The research associate job is best if you’re a part-time student to earn while carrying out innovative research for the federal government in line with your program and degree. This is in sync with government laws and school laws.

#3. Driving

Everyone and everything wants to be carried from place to place and human beings are to drive them.

To be eligible to drive abroad, get your country’s driver’s license as proof of experience. Also, get an international driver’s permit to drive abroad.

#4. Bartender

Did you glitch seeing a ‘bartender?’ You think it’s so noble. But I tell you, you earn anywhere around $14 per hour bartending; do the math. Your job is to stand behind the bar counter and satisfy your thirsty customers, giving them a reason to ask for more by engaging them in a little chit-chat.

Bartending is like you selling candies at the canter, no formal training is required. You can add up side hustles after your day’s shift.

#5. Teaching

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that teaching comes first among our top 10 easiest Jobs to get abroad in 2023.

When I mean teaching here, it’s not limited to standing in front of cute pupils or curious teens with chalk, and writing on the board.

Think outside the box.

What do you know that others should know? If you’ve got the license, gather your students and sell your knowledge for a fee.

Today’s way of getting clients has been made easier by the method called ‘cold pitching’. Approach people and introduce what you do. Social media is a good start.

#6. Sales Assistant

Sales assistant may sound so low-life depending on how it’s treated in your country.

Have you checked other countries? Believe me, bro. It works.

Your role is to greet customers and show them around the shop, making them feel comfortable buying from you. If you treat your customers fine, well-meaning customers might tip you up by adding the commissions from some sales you make, that’s something.

Didn’t I compare bartending to being as easy as selling candies over the counter? Look for your ideal shop and apply.

#7. Barista; Sell that coffee

Has your mother ever tasted your coffee and said “wow, boy you’re good?”


What are you waiting for?

Unleash the Barista in you.

Get out there, pair up with a doughnut shop or apply to work with them. Get to Know what the people want and serve up top-notch coffee stylishly and excitingly. That’s what a barista does. $15 pay per hour isn’t bad. That’s because you don’t get to work all day.

#8. Nanny(Babysitting)

For ladies tho.

If you have what it takes to make children happy like pampering, entertaining, making meals, and singing the lullaby then you qualify to be a nanny.

In the western world, nannies are highly in demand. Parents have to Carter for the family, they barely have real-time for their wards. That’s why they can pay you well to make their babies happy. I wrote a poem on this:

Nanny days are here to stay, parents always go away. They can pay, any day, you who made their baby’s day.

#9. Dog Walking

Some countries’ constitutions make it mandatory to consciously care for pets. Section 444-447 of the Canadian institution holds against “unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or bird” and “causing damage or injury by wilful neglect…”

Sounds familiar?

Upon a busy schedule, people will pay you to take their dogs for a walk.

Reach your clients by utilizing social media for the maximum turn-up.

#10. Language Translator

In the country that you wish to travel to, what is their official language? Can you speak it? What other language do they need in organizations and businesses? Can you communicate in any way?

The ball is in your court.

Become a language translator for firms, businesses, and organizations. You can work as a freelance translator. Payments are based on how skillful you are.

People Also Asked

#1. What jobs will be on the rise in the Future?

Look out for these job opportunities in the future:

  • Nursing
  • Web developer
  • Welder
  • Truck driver
  • Translator
  • Electrical engineer, etc.

#2. Can I work abroad without a visa?

No, you can’t work abroad without having the country’s job permits and the right visa.

Wrapping Up

It sounds pretty catchy and simple to live and work abroad, but it’s not.

Before migrating to live and work abroad, you must pass through the legal proceedings which majorly involve getting a job offer before applying for a Visa.

Refer to the 10 easiest Jobs to get abroad in 2023 for a head start.

It’s my humble opinion that you kit up with knowledge and do your research.

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