How to Check Your US Citizenship Application Status

The process of applying for US citizenship is an important and exciting one for foreigners who want to be able to live and work in the country permanently. The application process however requires some period of waiting for a decision to be made concerning the application, whether the citizenship application is accepted or rejected. It is, however, normal to be curious during this waiting period about the status of your US citizenship application status. Thankfully, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has provided various ways for applicants to check their US citizenship application status.

In this blog post, we will be going through the different methods of checking the US citizenship application status ensuring you have the necessary information to track your application.


Methods of Checking Your US citizenship application status


There are three main ways of checking your US citizenship application status: calling, writing, and checking through the USCIS online portal.


Calling the USCIS or NCSC

You can check your US citizenship application status by making a phone call to the USCIS office. You can call the number 1(800)375-5283 and follow the automated instructions. You will, however, require your receipt number to check your application status, so do have it readily available.

However, if your application is pending longer than the normal processing time, and you haven’t received any update from the USCIS, you should call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283 for inquiries. When you call, you will need to provide you’re a-number or any receipt you receive from the USCIS after submitting your application. You will also need to mention the last update you received about your application. The Customer Service Representatives at the NCSC will use the information you provide to answer questions about your application.


Writing the Service or Benefits Center

Another method of checking your US citizenship application status is by writing an update request to the Service or Benefits Center where your application case is pending. You can find information about these Benefits Centers under the USCIS Field Offices.

However, if you are writing an update request, there is certain information you will be requested to provide in your letter. Some of the required information includes:

  • Your current name and address. If you change your name, you should provide your name as it appears on your application.
  • Any A-number assigned to you or your application. The A-number is an 8 or 9-digit number following the letter “A” on your application.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The date and place where you filed your application.
  • Any receipt number from a receipt notice issued by INS or USCIS for your application.
  • If you have received any recent notices from INS or USCIS regarding your case, please include a copy of the most recent one.
  • If you have already been fingerprinted or interviewed, please provide the date and office where these processes took place.
  • If you filed your application electronically, include a copy of your Confirmation Receipt notice.

Remember to sign your request. If you’re preparing the request on behalf of the applicant, have them sign it. Please mark your envelope with “ATTN: Status Inquiry.” Send your inquiry to the address listed in the “About Us” section of the USCIS Field Office pages.


Checking through Online Portal

If you applied for citizenship online or you filed an application with the USCIS Service Center, you will be issued a receipt. On the receipt, you are going o have your receipt number. You will need this receipt number to check your US citizenship application status online so you should have it readily available.

To check your status, you should visit the USCIS website homepage at on the homepage; you should locate the “Check Case Status” option on the Tools or “Track My Case” section.

Once you are on the “Check Case Status” page, you will be prompted to enter your receipt number. Once you enter the receipt number, click on the “Check Status” button or any similar button to start the search. The USCIS system will display your US Citizenship application status information. You should take note of the status displayed and any other associated details or instructions.

You can contact USCIS customer service if you encounter any issues or have any specific questions about your application status. You can also contact the USCIS directly for assistance by going to the “Contact US” or “Customer Service” section, which will provide various contact options including USCIS customer service phone numbers and email addresses.

Once your status check is complete, you will be presented with one of several possible status updates such as “Case Received”, “Case Approved”, Case Denied, Request for Evidence Sent” or “Interview Scheduled”. You should take note of this information and do the necessary thing required depending on the information you received.



Checking your US citizenship application status is very important when applying for citizenship in the US. Staying informed about the progress of your application will allow you to note when things are going wrong and also be aware of when you need to provide extra requirements necessary for processing your application. You can check your status by calling, writing to the USCIS office, or checking through an online portal. For any method you choose, you will need your receipt number or “A number” to check your status, therefore, you should have them handy. You should also check the status periodically for further updates.