Top 7 Best Immigration Divorce Lawyer In New York City

Are you looking for a competent immigration divorce lawyer in New York City? Well, legal services in this area of specialization are available in different firms across the city.

New York is a city where dreams collide whereby various people come together from different backgrounds to build a family in the pursuit of love.

However, most love stories are not meant to be due to certain factors considered very personal among both immigrant partners.

In this regard, facilitating a divorce may seem complicated, which is why the service of an immigration divorce lawyer could be required to simplify the complexities of the overall process.

How Do I Find An Immigration Divorce Lawyer In NYC?

1. Online Directories: in finding an ideal immigration divorce lawyer, you need to make good use of legal directories on the internet like Avvo, Findlaw, or Martindale-Hubbel to locate any immigration divorce lawyer near you.

2. Referrals: recommendations from friends and family or colleagues having experience with immigration divorce lawyers would also come in handy when it comes to facilitating your research.

3. Bar Association: New York City has a specialized Bar Association website meant for legal practitioners in various areas of expertise.

You can also find a detailed list of immigration attorneys. The website also provides useful resources for finding a suitable lawyer.

4. Consultation Services: Utilize legal consultation services that connect you with experienced attorneys. Some services offer initial consultations to help you assess the lawyer’s suitability for your case.

5. Community Resources: Lastly, you can also get in touch with local immigrant or legal aid organizations in NYC. Consider this step as an option because they might also have resources or recommendations for immigration divorce lawyers who specialize in helping individuals within the immigrant community.

Immigration Divorce Lawyer In NYC

  1. Law Offices Of Inna Vernikov

You can locate this law firm in the heart of the city’s Financial District. The Law Offices of Inna Vernikov will serve your purpose if you are looking for a good immigration divorce lawyer in New York City because they are committed to offering their clients high-quality representation coupled in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

They are also qualified in handling other specialized kinds of cases including spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, affiliation, and paternity proceedings.

2. Mandel Law Firm 

Second on our list is the Mandel Law Firm this legal firm is also one of the best having numerous immigration divorce lawyers in New York City within its organization.

They handle several family cases including child custody battles, spousal support, and other family law matters.

So if you are the kind of immigrant facing a divorce for the first time, this law firm offers you individual attention with knowledgeable guidance for you.

Additionally, there may be some instances where immigration options can seem to be complex. Mandel Law Firm also comes to your aid making you understand your rights and obligations.

3. Cheryl R. David 

Consider Cheryl R. David as an ideal immigration divorce lawyer in New York to stop by. This law office provides extensive experience in various family immigration matters including Consular processing, adjustment of status, travel documents, I 765 work authorization, finance Visa, and Green Cards, with the inclusion of immigration divorce cases especially if you find yourself in a situation where your marriage is not going as planned.

4. Morgan Legal Group

since divorce proceedings for immigrants may not be convenient. you may need the service of an immigration divorce lawyer under Morgan Legal Group to assist you in navigating these issues.

As a result, you will be able to sort out all the legalities required. Be rest assured that the divorce process goes smoothly.

5. Law Offices of Robert Tsigler 

The law office of Robert Tsigler is another option to consider in filing for divorce, given that you are an immigrant. This firm houses some of the best immigration divorce lawyers in New York City by has extensive experience with international divorce cases.

Be sure to leave yours in their hands, to ensure a smooth and stress-free process. when dealing with divorce cases, Robert Tsigler law firm is known for its skills and capability to apply the proper laws in the appropriate way to facilitate your international divorce process.

6. Khalique Law PLLC

Khalique Law PLLC specializes based on different areas of immigration law including divorce cases. handled by the immigration divorce lawyers under this firm, you will be assured that your divorce case falls into the right hands.

The reason why you should consider these immigration divorce lawyers in New York City is because of their quality legal services and zeal to obtain the best results in any given case.

7. Wildes & Weinberg, PG 

Wildes & Weinberg, PG is a family-based immigration firm, making up some of the notable immigration divorce lawyers in New York. The legal practitioners in this firm are always sensitive to the needs of families who have been separated for years due to convoluted immigration policies that restrict family reunification.

Importantly, they take immigration-related divorce cases very seriously regardless of the circumstance.


We will wrap things up by stating that not all marriages are meant to become perfect between immigrants. In the turn of events where both partners need to go separate ways, some of the immigration divorce lawyers in New York City mentioned here will help facilitate the process.


Does legal aid help with divorce in NY?

The Legal Aid Society helps you by asking the court to assign a private attorney for your divorce case. If the court agrees, that attorney will represent you during the divorce proceedings.

How do I find a US immigration lawyer?

If you need immigration assistance, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is a major organization.

They can connect you with a lawyer based on your specific situation, like helping with work visa sponsorship or transitioning from a nonimmigrant to an immigrant status.

Can I get a quick divorce in NYC?

If you’re seeking a quick divorce and have no kids under 21, you can use the DIY Uncontested Divorce Program after being separated for at least 6 months.

If you have children under 21, use the Uncontested Divorce Packet. Free forms are available for both.