The NTF on Argentina’s economic downturn was sold for nearly US$5,000.

Important facts:

In their last year of high school, two friends from Cordoba sold their first NTF for $4,780.

NTF is Carlos Maslatón’s sketchy picture of the Argentine economy.

Two teens from the province of Cordoba, Argentina, sold non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for $4,780, representing the last 55 years of national economic downturn. The author of this painting is Carlos Maslatón, a lawyer and financial analyst with a right-wing liberal ideology who defines himself as capitalist, anti-communist, and Bitcoinist.

As Infobae announced, the creators and sellers of this NFT, Agustín Egea and Tomás Holtz, are 18 and 17 years old respectively. As followers of the cryptocurrency world, they envisioned in Maslatón’s painting a valuable asset that could be valued and valued in the non-fungible token market. So they contacted the author and formed an alliance.

Enthusiasts in this cryptocurrency ecosystem are from Cordoba, so Carlos Maslatón used a trip to Buenos Aires, where he lived, to convey the idea to him. When they were mentioned via WhatsApp, the financial analyst did not hesitate to invite them to their department to discuss the project in-depth.

At the meeting on October 8, 2021, it was agreed to shift the work to NFT and new pictures were taken. Graphics are hand drawn and created by Maslatón on April 5, 2020. Its purpose is to use a curve that represents the deterioration of the Argentine economy over time and a forecast for the future.

Carlos Maslaton believes that the economic structure of the country depends on liberal policies like Javier Milei. Source: Twitter. Maslatón’s handmade project NTF reveals the harsh realities of Argentina.

The curve has exposed peaks and valleys reminiscent of national milestones over the past 55 years. Examples include hyperinflation in 1990, crisis in 2002, and the current government of Alberto Fernandez. The title of this work is ‘Technical Structure of Argentina’s Big Bear Market’, claiming that Argentina’s economy will bottom out in 2021 and reach its worst state.

It heralded the beginning of a favorable bull market called the ‘Argentina bull market’. His forecasts are based on the prices of stocks, bonds and other assets, but Maslatón also hopes to change its policy. He is a follower of the Buenos Aires municipal government’s second-largest opposition, Javier Milei.

On October 18, 2021, two friends who were still freshmen in high school made their debut in the cryptocurrency market. They started the Maslatón NTF auction and the bid reached 1.2 Ether (ETH) two days later. According to today’s CriptoNoticias calculator, the organization has decided to accept an offer worth US$4,780.

As CriptoNoticias has already disclosed, Argentina’s interest in NTF is growing and its position is higher than that of other Latin American countries. As seen in the early appearances of Agustín Egea and Tomás Holtz, technological innovation and the cryptocurrency ecosystem are taking root among the youth of the country.

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