On May 11th, the Move to Earn app STEPN reported that the number of daily active users exceeded 300,000, and the transaction price of the underlying Token GMT increased by approximately 17 times compared to March. Will McEvoy, senior partner at investment research firm Fundstrat, said STEPN’s underlying token has long-term value because it is stable. This is very important because if the price fluctuates by 50% weekly, users will quit. According to data released by Delphi Digital, the average daily turnover of STEPN reached $57 million, which accounts for the majority of NFT transactions on the Solana chain. Because STEPN charges a 6% commission per sale (2% transaction fee, 4% ​​royalties), these transactions generate significant commission income that can earn the STEPN team between $2 million and $3 million per day . Cumulative commission income from February 1 to April 30 is estimated at $68.2 million. (Coin Desk)



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