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Rapper Meek Mill Hopes To Pay In Bitcoin After Dogecoin Investments Cut In Half


Why pay in free printable currency? Rapper Meek Mill shared a story on Instagram and wants to pay with Bitcoin. He seems to want to follow in the footsteps of another rapper named Money Man (how ironic).

1 million dollars in advance

Money Man recently received a $1 million bitcoin advance payment from his record company Empire, becoming the first rapper to do so.

In his story, Mick wrote, “After @moneyman, I will use bitcoin to pay for my next record transaction,” and attached a copy of the $1,002,912 Money Man he received as an advance payment.

record label issues

According to HipHopDx, Meek Mill has trouble paying with his record label.

Dreamcatcher’s team leader tweeted his hashtag question last month, claiming that he had never seen a dime on the contract. He also revealed that he does not know how much his brand has lost in revenue. “Mick wrote in the deleted tweet: I didn’t pay for the music. I don’t know how much money the record company made me. We need to find a lawyer as soon as possible.”

Bitcoin solves this problem

As we all know, Bitcoin solves this problem. At least Meek Mill might think this works this way, but at least it’s a way to get rid of the traditional system.

Rappers have been involved in cryptocurrencies for some time. A few months ago, Meek Mill also announced her first cryptocurrency investment via an Instagram story. He posted a screenshot of buying $50,000 on Dogecoin and wrote, “I bought Doge because I don’t want to miss this.”

So far this investment has not yielded good returns, and the 92,411 DOGE he purchased has been halved at the current Doge exchange rate.

Moneyman’s Blockchain

Record company EMPIRE announced on Tuesday that it is offering artists a prepaid option in Bitcoin. Money Man was the first artist to solve this problem. This is not surprising, as his new single is called Blockchain.

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