Mr.FOX AWARDS 2022, Digital Age Creator Awards in 4th year

Mr.FOX AWARDS 2022 is another bountiful year. The Mr.FOX PLATFORM Network Annual Creator Awards ceremony will be held for the fourth consecutive year this year. Mr. On the evening of 27 January 2022, Mr. Mapirat, CEO of Fox Company Limited. In Fox Company Limited studio, Mr.FOX TOKEN won over 10 million baht in various categories throughout the year. Votes of honorary directors and members of each platform are collected as follows.


Mr.FOX AWARDS Best Movie of the Year

Web toon

Annual Awards FOXY CLUB Sexual Icon of the Year Awards


Annual AwardsPINK IDOLS LGBTQ Most Popular Award of the Year


FITNESS IDOLS Annual Award Handsome Man of the Year


Music Band Musician of the Year Award


This event makes Mr Fox Ltd very attractive. Mr. Extending the concept of Chatmongkol, a development team of blockchain experts together with Tokenine Company Limited presented a platform in the form of content that was co-designed and monetized.

Mr.FOX TOKEN runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and is used for exchange activities within the content monetization platform. There are currently 5 public service platforms: FOX CLUB, Sexy Idol App, and PINK IDOLS App. Women who love women, FITNESS IDILS handsome and healthy men’s support center, music player app MUSICBAND to overcome the crisis, and streaming media idol app XSTREAM ZONE. It will be released on 20 platforms within two years. For more information, visit On February 24, 2022, under the supervision of Mr.FOX, another top sexy platform CUP E is launched.

Mr.FOX introduced the digital currency Mr.FOX TOKEN to the world’s leading digital asset exchange “BitMart” for the first time. And getting ready to move to another major trading committee will continue to generate a lot of buzz. In the era of cryptocurrency, it plays an increasingly important role in people’s daily life. It is another company that is determined to change the lives of Thai people, including the second public offering scheduled for April. Create entertainment, monetize and instill pride in new creators in the digital age through a variety of modern services.

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