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Kadena & Loopring (LRC): A New Cryptocurrency With Potential


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Two new cryptocurrencies with potential, Kadena (KDA) and Loopring (LRC), have seen significant price gains since yesterday. Both can increase within a two-digit percentage range. We introduced and talked about cryptocurrency: What is Kadena? What is a ring? How do prices evolve? What is the difference between the two cryptocurrencies? Who invented it? And: What are the price predictions for Kadena and Loopring? Is it worth the investment?

Kadena: The price has skyrocketed more than 55%.

One of the biggest winners in the last 24 hours is the new cryptocurrency Kadena (KDA). Since yesterday, the KDA has risen more than 55%. Buyers pushed the cryptocurrency from a low of $16 to $25.43 in a matter of hours. This is Kadena’s best record. Trader Blackbeard Rating: KDA is rising.

“KDA has increased. Crazy.”

$KDA Continue. crazy. pic.twitter.com/iQdyBwBkrF

– Blackbeard (@crypto_blkbeard) November 7, 2021

However, there was a pullback from all-time highs and Kadena fell again from the previous day’s lows. However, the token has successfully rebounded and KDA has rebounded to Kadena’s current $18. Volume is more than 100% higher than yesterday’s value. The token will most likely reach a new all-time high and try to surpass it again.

Cadena’s daily chart. Source: Coinmarketcap.com

Many investors have heard of Kadena for the first time and now want to know what the potential of the new cryptocurrency is.

What is Cadena?

Kadena’s goal is to use blockchain technology to completely change the way the world interacts and transacts. To achieve large-scale applications, the Kadena team has developed a new blockchain including an ecosystem specifically for the business world. Creative Team Information:

“Our founders have built a proprietary chain architecture and developed tools to enable businesses to use blockchain with the speed, scalability and energy efficiency previously thought unattainable.”

Summary: With Kadena, everyone should be able to develop smart contract-capable applications on the blockchain without compromise. Pact is used in a smart contract language specially developed by Kadena.

It is a human-readable, Turing-incomplete smart contract language developed specifically for blockchain. According to the Kadena team, Pact has strong security features, including full formal validation of user code, error messages, contract update capabilities, interoperability support, and efficient authorization and access control.

Kadena price forecast from 2021 to 2026

As mentioned earlier, Kadena (KDA) is currently trading at US$18 after a sharp rebound. How far can KDA go?

Walletinvestor.com considers Kadena a “good” long-term investment. KDA forecasts suggest that Kadena could rise above US$27 over the next 12 months. By 2026, this potential new cryptocurrency is expected to eventually rise 256% to $61.99.

Gov.capital predicts that Kadena will perform similarly. So KDA will rise to US$20.98 within 12 months. This is a slight increase from the current price. Then the 5-year forecast predicts Kadena to rise to $75.21 or +317%.

Loopring (LRC) rises over 26% again

Recently, a new cryptocurrency, Loopring (LRC), has surged, and LRC has also grown strongly over the past 24 hours. Since yesterday, token investors are satisfied with the growth of over 26%.

The day before, Loopring was still trading at a low of around $1.30 and the LRC bull pushed the token to $1.64. However, the regional peak did not last long. A correction occurred, with Loopring losing some of its profits and dropping to a low of $1.58. LRC is currently being traded here. The historical high of $2.59, a difference of nearly 40%, we still don’t understand.

A cycle of daily charts. Source: Coinmarketcap.com

But what is a circle? What is the difference between a potential new cryptocurrency and the DeFi arena?

Loopring builds a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, the so-called DEX (Decentralized Exchange), with an open source protocol launched on the Ethereum mainnet in 2019. However, according to the Loopring team, fully decentralized exchanges have some weaknesses. This is where Loopring comes in handy.

Loopring aims to combine centralized order matching and decentralized blockchain order processing. The goal is to develop an exchange that combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges.

In other words, Loopring should be able to develop decentralized exchanges (like Binance or Coinbase). LRC is the basic token of the Loopring ecosystem. It is also used for governance. This means that LRC owners can vote on protocol changes.

Forecast of Loopring from 2021 to 2026

How high will the roof ring go up? As mentioned earlier, the current trading price of LRC is $1.58. According to the popular YouTube cryptocurrency channel “Altcoin Daily”, LRC is one of the best low-income altcoins. This means that the cryptocurrency still has a lot of room for improvement, and it could rise sharply in the future.

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– Altcoin Daily (@山寨coinDailyio) November 3, 2021

What developments does the forecast predict specifically for price?

Gov.capital expects Loopring to bring in more profits, although relatively small profits. LRC can be traded at a price of US$1.71 within 12 months. Loopring (LRC)’s five-year forecast rose 74% to $2.76.

Digitalcoin is particularly bullish about the Loopring protocol. Current forecasts suggest that Loopring is a lucrative investment. So, LRC will rise to 2.35 USD in 2021. In 2022, the Loopring will not change much and will rise to a maximum of US$2.78. In 2023, LRC will break through $3 at a trading price of $3.40. In 2024, the LRC exchange rate will be US$3.90, and in 2025, Digitalcoin Genealogie predicts that the new cryptocurrency will be US$4.62. Loopring (LRC) could eventually climb to $5.48 by the end of 2026. This is a 246% increase from the current price.

Digitalcoiningo predicts that returns will exceed 240% by 2026. Image: Digital Coin

Cryptocurrency Buying Guide

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Last updated on November 8, 2021

Cryptocurrency is a very unstable and unregulated investment product. Your funds are at risk.

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