The Best 7 Immigration Solicitors In Southall

Are you looking to engage the legal services of some of the competent immigration solicitors in Southall? If yes then this blogpost got you covered because we have enlisted 7 experts in immigration law to assist you in simplifying your search as well as making informed decisions about your immigration. 

It is also a well-known fact that individuals often find it very difficult to go through the intricacies of immigration.

Several people regard this process to be a daunting task, which is why there is a need for the right solicitor to make the process more manageable. 

We also acknowledge the importance of getting a trusted legal partner, and our list is tailored to suit your expectations and preferences.

Read on to discover the best solicitors in Southall committed to providing personalized guidance for your immigration needs. 

List Of Immigration Solicitors In Southall

SilverOak Solicitors

SilverOak Solicitors offers a wide range of immigration services including all types of visas, citizenship, and asylum applications.

These immigration solicitors in Southall are highly experienced and dedicated to providing their clients with quality service in helping them find a perfect resolution to their immigration problems.

Your immigration case can be different from others, but whatever the problems are, put your trust in this firm to put a smile on your face once again.

To connect with these immigration lawyers, you need to initially get in touch by telling them about your immigration case, then you build your case so that the immigration experts will complete and submit the necessary documents to the court.

Now you leave the remaining work for SilverOak Solicitors by receiving updates on every step thereby resulting in a successful outcome.

New Court Solicitors 

Locate your second-best immigration solicitors at the New Court Solicitors. if you find yourself in a situation where the immigration rule seems difficult to understand whether you are willing to secure a UK visitor visa or UK residency, look no further than these competent immigration solicitors in Southall.

just like SilverOak Solicitors, New Court Solicitors are also ready to help you with both initial applications and appeals to make sure the process goes smoothly for you.

They also understand that everyone’s immigration case is unique which is why they handle all immigration cases.

They specialize in spouse visas, sponsorship licenses, fiance visas, British Citizenship, immigration appeals, asylum, returning resident visas, family visas, and infinite leave to remain.

Asher & Tomer Solicitors

Being the third on the list, these Southall-based immigration solicitors take pride in serving your immigration issue whatever it might be. Consult Asher & Tomer Solicitors if your visa is refused to let them take it from there.

This firm’s primary goal is to achieve client satisfaction through the highest quality of service with an emphasis on speed and efficiency.

Rest assured that they can advise and represent your complex immigration matter at every stage from the home office, immigration tribunals, upper tribunal field house, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court.

Capital One Solicitors 

If you are looking for immigration solicitors in the Southall area, reach out to Capital One Solicitors because their team of immigration solicitors is experienced in various immigration matters.

They take care of several legal assistance including Asylum claims, human rights applications, detention/bail cases, deportation removal cases, stateless cases, trafficking/slavery matters, domestic violence applications, British citizenship, Spousal visas, marriage and civil partnership visas, and visitor visas for family.

The solicitors at this firm have a culture of long-lasting client relationships built on trust because of the extensive knowledge they have in their field.

Maalik & Co – Solicitors & Advocates 

Maalik & Co has been established for more than 10 years serving hundreds of clients with different immigration applications and Nationality matters.

These immigration lawyers in Southall are reliable in such a way that they provide the best possible and honest services to their clients.

They are always available to assist you with a broad range of immigration application issues including; business immigration, Skilled workers, sponsor licenses, student settlement, nationality, British registration, marriage visas, and a wide variety of others.

Wembley Solicitors 

Wembly solicitors are made up of immigration lawyers 5.9 miles from Southall. If you are looking for the best experts with immigration applications and issues, you should reach out to them.

To understand how their services work, they offer several legal services regarding UK visa applications and immigration matters including advice and assistance with family visas, work visas, visitor visas, indefinite leave to remain, British citizenship applications, and much more.

When you consult Wembley Solicitors, they will elaborate on the issues you’re facing and advise you about the relevant immigration laws, procedures, requirements, and documents.

Premium Solicitors

Premium Solicitors is the last on our list. These Southall-based immigration lawyers possess a wealth of knowledge of UK immigration laws as well as extensive experience in successfully dealing with all kinds of visa and immigration matters.

Whatever the kind of problem you’re dealing with, the team of premium solicitors offers super-priority service for your UK visa and immigration application which can be decided by the UKVI office in no time.


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How long is UKVI visa processing?

The UKVI aims for a 3-week processing standard. However, for Visit Visas, the current average processing time is around 7 weeks. Please note that some applications, especially complex ones, may take longer. The UKVI is actively working to meet the 3-week service standard.

Can you negotiate Southall solicitor’s fees?

Negotiating the fees for immigration solicitors in Southall fes can be difficult, often needing someone well-versed in legal costs and skilled in successfully reducing bills.