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How Much Bitcoin Is Breaking Traditional Monetary Theory?


Digital currencies that challenge traditional investment tools are more active than gold and foreign exchange markets. Experts say that cryptocurrencies will be the first and only option in the future, as they do not provide a central guarantee. Do you get virtual currency? As we all know, Bitcoin is a risky commodity. How much is it worth? More details on what is happening in the financial markets are in the details of the news.

At the end of the trading volume that occurred on the last day, the trading volume of the cryptocurrency world reached $2.5208 billion.

Updated Bitcoin price with the largest trading volume in the virtual currency world. According to field data, as of yesterday, Bitcoin trading volume pegged at 580508.08 TL was $33.23 billion. Also, on the 1st, the value of Bitcoin working with blockchain technology differed by 1.14%.

Binance lost the most dollars last week.

Axie Infinity, Binance Coin and Ankr became the champions of the cryptocurrency market last week. It is difficult to say that all digital currency investors are smiling. Binance USD, TrueUSD and TerraUSD were cryptocurrencies that disappointed investors. It is useful to see real-time data on the most influential currencies in the virtual currency world.


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The Bitcoin market is one of the hottest. Current data shows that Bitcoin is US$60,627.48, which is equivalent to 580508.08 TL at the current exchange rate. Bitcoin experienced last week. A value difference 0.50%


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