How Long Does TSA Precheck Last?

One of the common questions people ask about TSA PreCheck is “How long does TSA PreCheck last?” This is so because of the benefits, which come with TSA PreCheck at its relatively low price.

In this post, we will be looking at how to avoid the long queue of grumpy people and the humiliating body check passengers go through. We will also discuss how you can apply for this TSA PreCheck, its price, how long it lasts, how and you can enjoy TSA PreCheck benefits outside of the US.


How to Apply For TSA Precheck

Becoming a part of the TSA Program requires a few steps, the first of which is by applying online on the TSA website. You need to fill out a form requesting information such as your date of birth, nationality (in case you are not a US citizen),, citizenship certificate, immigration documents (for non-US citizens), and your home address.

There is no restriction on the age of applicants for the program. Younger children of about 12 years or less can make use of their parents’ memberships and not apply for one individually.

The next step after your online application is to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting and background checks. Application for the TSA PreCheck costs $85 for first-time applicants and $70 for subscription renewal. Once your membership application I approved, you will obtain a Known Traveler Number called KTN, which you can use anytime you book a flight at any of the United States TSA PreCheck-supported airports.


How Long Does Tsa Precheck Last?

TSA PreCheck membership lasts for five years after which you can renew your subscription to keep enjoying the hassle-free airport security screening. You can renew your subscription six months before your existing subscription ends or just before it expires. However, know that renewing your TSA PreCheck subscription as early as six months before the expiration date will not cancel out what is left of your current subscription.

Instead, your new subscription will only start exactly when your current subscription expires. That is, your new subscription will not take effect until your running subscription reaches exactly five years. Once it reaches five years, it will expire and the new subscription will take charge.

Getting approval for a TSA PreCheck membership usually takes three to five days, but on certain occasions, it can take up to two months.


Alternatives To TSA Precheck

As TSA PreCheck is only available for travels within the United States alone, is there a way to enjoy similar benefits for international travel? The answer is yes.

If you love to enjoy the idea of an expedited screening process at security checkpoints and travel internationally, Global Entry is the perfect program you can use. The United States Customs and Borders Protection run global Entry and it was created for those traveling by land, air, or sea.

Under the Global Entry program, travelers can pass through customs inspections faster than the normal time it usually takes when entering the US. It also allows travelers to bounce the paperwork and uncomfortable interviews with customs agents when entering the US. It lets its members skip through airport security faster, just like the TSA PreCheck.

Just as the TSA PreCheck has some requirements before one can apply for it, Global Entry also has its requirements. Therefore, to be eligible for Global Entry, you must be a US citizen, a lawful permanent resident in the US, or a citizen/permanent resident of any of the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Argentina
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Panama
  • Columbia
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

However, unlike the TSA, kids need to have their own Global Entry membership just like adults. The cost of applying for Global Entry is $100 with five years of validity.


How to Apply For Global Entry

The first thing you need to do to apply is to create a Trusted Traveler Program account and fill out an application form online. You are required to pay a $100 fee, which is non-refundable (even if your application is not accepted). Once you are however accepted, you should schedule an appointment in person at any of the enrollment centers for a background check.

For your in-person appointment, you will need a valid passport and any other means of identification such as an ID card or driver’s license. If you are a lawful permanent resident, you need to present your machine-readable permanent resident card.




If you are a frequent traveler who travels within and outside the United States, you will definitely love to enjoy time-saving, stress-free security checkups at airport security checkpoints. Some of the ways you can enjoy this is by using the TSA PreCheck program to ease the security screening process. And for international flights, you can use Global Entry to save yourself the long customs interviews. This will make your return to the United States much easier.


Can I renew TSA PreCheck online?

As a TSA PreCheck registered member, you can renew your membership online about six months before your current membership expires. The new membership comes into effect immediately after the current one expires, so there is no risk of losing what is left of your current membership if you apply early.

What are TSA PreCheck Requirements?

The only requirements needed for the TSA PreCheck application include a valid US government-issued photo identification, citizenship certificate, passport or driver’s license, and a birth certificate.

How do I renew my TSA PreCheck membership?

TSA renewal doesn’t usually require a traveler to visit an application center but in some cases, travelers might be required to visit an application center to update their existing information with the TSA.

However, the normal renewal process for TSA PreCheck requires you to visit the universal enrollment portal. When you reach the website page, find and click on the green button that says “renew”. You will need to provide your KTN and some personal information. If the information you provided is accepted and you are confirmed eligible for TSA PreCheck renewal, you will be directed to the application.

You will be required to confirm existing information and provide updated information where necessary. You will also be instructed to provide your payment information to make payment for the renewal.