High Demand Civil Engineering Jobs In The US And Requirements To Work Abroad

The population of the US is continuously and steadily on the rise.

This places a demand on civil Engineers in the US for the construction of houses, dams, roads, water systems, and other environmental infrastructures.

According to shorelight, the number of civil engineers employed in the US is expected to rise by 8% from 2020 to 2023. It states there will be about 25,000 job vacancies for civil engineers in the US every year for the next 10 years. This means there are over 25,000 civil engineering roles vacant in the US in 2022.

Which will you fall in among the most highly-demand civil engineering jobs in the US?

High Demand Civil Engineering Jobs In The US And Requirements To Work Abroad

A deep dive into the high demand for civil engineering jobs in the US and the requirements to work abroad we have:

  • Surveyor
  • CAD Technician
  • Building Engineers
  • Water Hygiene Engineer
  • Urban Planner
  • Fire Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Design Engineer

#1. Surveyor

The Surveyor measures and records land and water boundaries for construction. They also determine property boundaries and locations in line with the leads, deeds, and other legal documents.

They make specific and accurate data to the designated authority. You better be good at map plotting as a surveyor.

To be eligible to work as a surveyor in the US, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree in surveying and mapping, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and any related field.

Average pay: $20,088 per year

Become a surveyor in the US

#2. CAD Technician

This is a computer-based skill. They use Computer Aided Design programs to plan projects and accomplish goals.

They’re specialized in drawing reviews or work designs. Perform the necessary research to meet construction codes.

Their work includes 2-D surface modeling or 3-D solid modeling devices which are based on drafting and architecture.

Average pay: $24.072 per year

Become a CAD Technician in the US

#3. Building Engineers

Building Engineers provide maintenance and repairs to buildings, health facilities, and other infrastructures.

They can work for private establishments like hotels and manufacturing industries. Building Engineers put the thermal law to extensive use for checks and repair of structures and buildings.

They work in compliance with the local and fire safety codes by the federal government.

Average pay: $32,316 per year

Become a building Engineers in the US

#4. Water Hygiene Engineers

Water engineers are responsible for the construction, supply, and installation of water facilities like pipelines, water gauges, pumps, and more. They also analyze the Health of the water supply system of a city. They construct a water treatment plant and channeling equipment to salvage any faults.

If you’re a Water Hygiene Engineer, you should have a bachelor’s degree in fields such as Physical geography, Mechanical engineering, Geophysics/geotechnology, Geology, Environmental science, Environmental engineering, etc.

Average pay: $58,435 per year

Become a Water Hygiene Engineer in the US

#5. Urban Planner

They don’t work alone, they go along with the public officials, developers, and the community to draft out the use and development of the land.

As an Urban planner, it is your responsibility to gather data and

analyze the market and economy to determine accurate site plans for projects.

At least a bachelor’s degree in urban planning will suffice.

Average pay: $62,638 per annum

Become an Urban Engineer in the US

#6. Fire Engineer

Fire engineers do more than design buildings and structures impervious to fire. They also build fire fighting equipment. They may also install it or educate individuals in certain departments on how to use the equipment.

It’s part of the fire Engineer’s duty to trouble-check faults and proffer solutions to fire fighting equipment.

Bachelor’s degree in fire engineering is acceptable.

Average pay: $66,944 per year

Become a Fire Engineer in the US

#7. Construction Manager

Construction managers oversee all construction projects on site such as road and bridge construction, and residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Working as a Construction manager entails that you collaborate with other Engineers like architects, surveys, and subcontractors to drive a project.

An interesting aspect of the production manager is to prepare cost averages, create new budgets and produce work schedules.

A construction manager should have a bachelor’s degree in construction management and other Engineering fields.

Average pay: $77,129

Become a construction manager in the US

#8. Design Engineer

You will have to work with the research and development team to create innovative design parameters to fill in the requirements.

Design engineers also use CAD or CAE(Computer-Aided Engineering) software in crafting models and structures. The design engineer also edits an outdated prototype to soothe the current requirements.

You will be taken seriously in the US with a bachelor’s degree or higher in electrical or mechanical engineering or a related field of study.

Average pay: $80,009 per annum

Become a Design Engineer in the US


#1. Which Branch Of Civil Engineering Is In The Highest Demand In The US?

Check out where you fall from the list of highest in demand Civil Engineering roles in the US:

  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Water Resource Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Consulting Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Planning Engineer
  • City Engineer, and more.

#2. What Field Do Engineers Work In?

Civil engineers work at any location ranging from offices, schools, health facilities, outdoor construction sites, and many more. They can work for private and public establishments in general.

Wrapping it Up

Working as an International civil engineer in the US entails that you satisfy certain requirements. Which includes, having a job offer from any of the trusted companies in the US. Proceed to have the US work permit Visa and then off you went.

Engineering is a broad commitment. For a head start refer to high-demand civil engineering jobs in the US and the requirements to work abroad. Locate your place and have the life you want working as a Civil Engineer in the US.

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