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Ethereum 2.0 is vulnerable and developers are looking for a solution.


Ethereum 2.0 is one of the most anticipated updates for many members of the cryptocurrency market, and many believe it could be the catalyst for bullish momentum that pushes the price of the currency to new highs. However, researchers have discovered new issues that can make networks vulnerable to attack.

While the cryptocurrency ecosystem awaits the long-awaited update, a group of researchers have identified three possible attack scenarios against the Ethereum Proof of Stake network, which will become the world’s second largest cryptocurrency main network.

Depending on the scope of the update and the scale of Ethereum, you might think that a vulnerability like this should be fixed. It is worth noting that two vulnerabilities have been discovered and are being discussed among developers, and that a third vector was discovered after combining the two previously studied techniques.


These vulnerabilities are described in a paper written by researchers at Stanford University. According to the description, the first case is a situation in which the profit of validators can be increased through local block relocation in the network.

The second vector is the exploitation of adverse network delays that can delay consensus decisions in the network. While studying these vulnerabilities, developers discovered a third risk in networks after reducing the trigger requirements for these attacks.

“Combining these two sophisticated attack techniques, we obtained a third attack that allows an adversary with a small stake and no control over the network to send a message that causes a network reconfiguration. Validators can use this attack to increase profits and delay contracts. ‘ said the researcher’s document.


As you can imagine, this is expensive and poses a risk to Ethereum 2.0, as even a very sophisticated attack requires the network to eliminate vulnerabilities before release.

Ethereum 2.0’s leading researcher confirmed that the hypothetical situation is a ‘serious attack’ and could pose a threat to network stability if not corrected.

However, we inform the relevant users that these vulnerabilities have been resolved with simple workarounds. The first is to use proposer promotions to synchronize with the proposer’s preview. The second solution is in the early stages of research and may be introduced in the future.

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