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Attrace has the growth potential to transform Web3’s referral marketing.


Attrace is a decentralized and trustless referral marketing network that is revolutionizing Web3’s referral marketplace and bringing together investors, promoters and users.

Web3 is the future Most IDOs, floating mining pools, income agriculture, swaps, NFTs, other assets and dApps should be promoted in this Web3 economy. However, existing Web2 recommended marketing solutions (affiliate marketing, cashback, etc.) have great trust, tracking and privacy issues and cannot verify new users acquired for dApps on Web3 (e.g. DEX users acquired through third parties).

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Currently, there is no Web3 referral (affiliate marketing) marketing solution based on the same core principles as Web3 itself.

Even the newly introduced solutions in the decentralized space still seem to be reminiscent of traditional solutions. In traditional solutions, promotions are still decentralizing the recommendation activity isolated from the entire ecosystem and blockchain. Centralized management is trust, transparency , which leads to consolidation and privacy issues. In addition, there is often a lack of adequate systems to distribute referral rewards to backers involved in promoting various processes such as initial DEX products (IDOs), liquid mining pools, decentralized applications (DApps), and NFTs.

Attrace aims to solve existing problems in the Web3 marketing space and become the blockchain-agnostic recommendation standard for Web3, the basic block for the future of referral (alliance) marketing in a tokenized economy.

The Attrace Recommendation Network aims to redefine recommendation marketing in Web3 by becoming the promotional standard for all tokenized assets and dApps on all public networks.

In fact, Attrace, by default, verifies user acquisition in an unreliable way through third-party promotions.

The Attrace network allows sponsors to share these projects with the community and be rewarded for additional participation actually achieved, allowing sponsors to support the projects they believe in. This monetization promotion system allows for better interaction between project owners, promoters and the entire community. Because it connects all the broken trusts we are accustomed to in Web2.

Attrace is based on four core principles in line with our vision. The first principle is complete trustless recommendation validation performed by the recommendation oracle (verification node). The second principle is that bounties can be distributed without user tracking (no cookie tracking or fingerprint recognition). The third principle is to guarantee payment. The fourth principle is that contracts do not require licenses and are cross-chain and multi-chain. Attrace’s goal is to become a community-owned network managed by Participant (DAO) within two years.

For end users, this is very simple. When a project (IDO, liquidity pool, Yield Farming, Swap, NFT, other assets and dApps) starts a promotion, the promoter can register for the promotion and get a referral link to share with the audience. When a sponsor participates, the bounty is paid out in a trustless manner. The protocol works across the network and bounties can be included in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Since its launch, Attrace has received a lot of attention from potential partners in the fields of NFT, DEX, and IDO. The protocol has been supported by Ethereum and Polygon Networks and will soon connect to BSC.


In 2021, the global advertising market will reach approximately $647 billion, a significant increase over the previous year. However, experts expect this growth rate to rise to 5.2% over the next six years, continuing on the same trajectory.

For the first time, Attrace will contribute significantly to this growth by launching Web3 promotions based on the Web3 standard. Also, the true value of being able to leverage any 3rd party (social) community across any network without trust in Web3, and the value of being able to promote dApps and assets through performance-based referral marketing for the first time, and a first-mover advantage.

Attraction Token

Over the past 7 days, $ATTR, the native token of the Attrace referral network, has been trending upward from $0.03 to $0.05207. The $ATTR token is listed on several exchanges including Uniswap, SushiSwap and DFYN.

$ATTR is an ER20 token launched on June 23, 2021, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000. These tokens have been distributed in various fields to facilitate further development, growth and public relations activities.

Attrace tokens are functional and governance tokens. Token holders earn a portion of the network fee by staking $ATTR to the recommended oracle. Second, the network can be managed through voting. Holders can participate in Attrace’s decision-making process. Encourage future development of the network, including utility fees, liquidity mining rewards, commitment requirements, and other future development decisions of the network. Finally, $ATTR holders can earn revenue by providing services to the network, receive mining rewards and airdrops that convert network usage (DAO distribution).

Attrace is already running on Ethereum and Polygon, and plans to add more networks (such as BSC) to the ecosystem by the end of this year. The pact recently launched IDO Recommendations, Liquidity Offer Recommendations, and Yield Farming Recommendations, and will launch alongside NFT Recommendations this week. More than 60 potential partners are available for this project. For example, Attrace has been working with Occam over the past few months to enable card wallet liquidity mining pool referrals and with DFYN in its liquidity supply referral program. As the project continues to form strategic partnerships, there is no doubt that it will create a strong community for a better ecosystem.

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