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A new metaverse company, Somnium Space, gives users the option to “live forever”.

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Somnium Space is a Czech company that develops its own decentralized metaverse based on blockchain technology and utilizes the performance and capabilities of NFTs.

Somnium Space’s special and ambitious project is to create immortal mirror avatars of users, not only with their looks, but also with their visual movements and language patterns.

The Story of Artur Sychov, CEO of Somnium Space
Somnium space exists foreverThe amazing “immortal” feature of Somnium Space and virtual worlds

This forward-looking idea is credited to the company’s CEO and founder, Artur Sychov, and partly embodies the never-ending story of a film that predicts and tells the very similar endings of our species in recent years.

About five years ago, Artur started thinking about this new use of the metaverse when, unfortunately, his father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that could eventually kill him within a few years.

His intention was to find a way to somehow embody his father’s memory, a system that would allow him and his children to have an impossible-natural conversation with their grandfather.

The ‘Eternal Life’ mod will immortalize our avatars.

What Somnium Space is proposing is a new feature in Metaverse, “Alive Forever”. This allows us to create our own avatars that reproduce the looks, movements, and usual voices and expressions.

In this way, incarnations can continue to live in the metaverse after we die.

From a linguistic point of view this is a real contradiction, but from a technical point of view it is an achievable goal.

Somnium Space is actually one of many metaverse versions that have appeared in recent years. But unlike many of its competitors, Somnium Space is already compatible with virtual reality masks to deliver an immersive 3D experience.

Pay-as-you-go service that does not sell your personal data to other companies

To realize the project, Somnium Space needs to register a large amount of personal data for each user. This is the only way Czech companies can create truly lifelike copies of users in the form of avatars.

The amount of data that can be recorded is about 100 to 300 times the amount of data recorded on a mobile phone. Virtual reality technology can identify us faster and more accurately than fingerprint recognition by collecting the way we move our fingers, mouth, eyes and whole body.

An interesting aspect is that the company has decided to decentralize it using blockchain technology to build its projects in phygital Cosmos, which inherently guarantees full transparency.

Your avatar will “live” in your own land or in your own NFT world.

Even though all the data was collected years ago, avatars will change and continue to evolve with AI technology even after we die.

So, even if the user dies, the same amount of data and advances in artificial intelligence can recreate the customer’s avatar in ever-increasing detail.

So our loved ones will be able to keep talking to us through the magic of artificial intelligence.

The first step is to start the process of registering and storing data of people who want to pay and participate in the “always live” model.

Somnium Space is due to launch this year, but will limit data collection to the movements and sounds users make while on their land.

Metaverse hopes to release the first version of AI to users next year.

However, it’s worth adding that unlike Meta, Somnium doesn’t engage in projects that monetize people’s sensitive data.

Sychov actually says:

“We don’t want to know your name. We don’t care who you are.”

The company’s CEO is trying to build a more responsible business model so that users feel safe and comfortable sending unlimited data to the company for analysis.

The company says it doesn’t collect anyone’s data unless you decide to pay for the service.

After all, if a service doesn’t charge us, that means we and our sensitive data are the service.

The company also said it will do everything it can to keep prices as low as possible. Somnium Space charges early adopters only for a one-year service fee of $50.

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