7 Best Immigration Lawyers In Northampton

When immigration lawyers in Northampton are available, the process of immigration won’t be complicated and challenging for immigrants. These immigration lawyers are skilled and reliable when you secure their services.

Although there are different kinds of immigration lawyers in Northampton, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

When considering an immigration lawyer you should look out for their years of experience and level of expertise.

They must also be innovative and client-focused whether with certain immigration issues like green cards, visa applications, or deportation defense.

This article unveils some of the best immigration lawyers in Northampton who are trusted advocates in the local immigration community.

Embark on your immigration journey with confidence as we take you through the listed immigration lawyers below.

List of Immigration Lawyers in Northampton

OTB Legal

OTB Legal is the first on our list of immigration lawyers in Northampton. They are award-winning UK-based solicitors who use legal expertise and a modern approach to deliver individual client care.

Even if you want a remote service, these immigration lawyers in Northampton are to the task in a variety of different ways.

What sets these legal experts apart from other immigration lawyers is that they pride themselves in building their business around turning complex immigration laws into simple solutions for all levels of immigrants.

An effective way used by these immigration lawyers to get through to their clients in Northampton is either through video or conference calls.

OTB Legal helps to bring loved ones together on immigration, facilitates different kind of visas, also facilitate employment for international staff by also making sure they comply with immigration law and regulations.

Zenith Immigration Lawyers

Zenith Immigration Lawyers could be your second option in Northampton since they equally specialize in UK immigration, asylum, nationality, and European Union law.

Be rest assured that you will get a good level of quality service at Zenith Immigration firm. They also provide tailored advice based on your individual needs.

When engaging the legal services of these Northampton-based immigration lawyers, you will have the utmost confidence due to their experience in immigration laws and the legal field at large.

Even if you’re experiencing immigration or visa issues which can be extremely stressful, Zenith Immigration Lawyers will work tirelessly to protect your rights.

SP Law

Owned by Martin Adams and M Coll, these immigration lawyers in Northampton are committed to assisting you by ensuring that you get all the legal attention and services you need concerning immigration issues. They also offer

expert advice and support. Confused about the immigration process? These solicitors are here to guide you through the process and offer you the most effective solutions while remaining sensitive to your needs.

Their areas of immigration specialism include; visit/tourist applications, points based system, fiancé applications, marriage applications, unmarried applications, dependent parent and relative applications, deportation and removal, representation at home office and airport, bail applications, infinite leave to remain appeals, human rights applications, long residency in the UK.

Bailey’s Solutions

At Bailey’s Solutions, immigration lawyers understand that immigration is a complex area of law that is subject to constant changes, so you need to choose the right immigration lawyer who offers correct and reliable legal advice to assist you in your immigration needs.

As a result, they are willing to assist you by laying the path for a smooth immigration process. Whatever the immigration issue might be, Bailey’s Solutions ensures that their clients are entrusted with competent immigration lawyers in Northampton who are also able to represent them in any immigration appeal matters.

Regarding area of specialization, they specialize in; student visas, work visas, UK Ancestry visas, spouse visas, and others.


UpCounsel is another Northampton immigration attorney and lawyer who listens to your legal needs so that they can prepare custom proposals. You also have the guarantee that the immigration provided to assist you would be the right one.

whether you are located in Northampton or anywhere around England the immigration lawyers at UpCounsel are ready to help you navigate the immigration process in the best way possible.

International Lighthouse CIC

The group of immigration lawyers in this firm makes their services simple and easily accessible to all immigrants in Northampton.

They offer immigration and matrimonial assistance as well as guidance and support on matters of benefits, housing, and contracts.

No matter how big your immigration concerns are the immigration lawyers at International Lighthouse are always available for you.

All you need to do to get started is to give them a call whether you need a visa or permanent residency. They would be ready to talk you through everything.

Chartlands Chambers 

Last on our list is the Chartlands Chambers in Northampton. You can decide to try out these immigration lawyers because they assist individuals with applying for visas, leave to remain, or British citizenship.

Chartlands Chambers are also perfect at what they do by providing legal advice and representation in immigration matters like deportation, and asylum, as well as appeals against immigration decisions.

Even in the area of businesses for immigrants, their services are not left out. their immigration lawyers offer business advice on matters of hiring foreign workers or complying with immigration laws.


To sum up, all the immigration lawyers in Northampton mentioned in this article are at the top of their games by being experts in immigration laws. Their experience and service in such areas of law prove that they are capable of handling your immigration-related issues.


Do I need a lawyer to apply for a UK visa?

While you’re not obligated to hire a lawyer, it’s a good idea to consider it, especially for visas and legal matters like nationality, which can be quite complicated.

Where do immigration lawyers make the most money?

In Los Angeles, CA, Immigration Lawyers earn the highest average total compensation at $121,299, slightly surpassing the overall US average by 1%.

How to get immigration advice?

For free and confidential advice on immigration issues, reach out to your nearest Citizens Advice.

Who is the lowest-paid lawyer?

Legal roles with lower pay are usually found in the public sector, like district attorneys or public defenders, where lawyers in these roles often earn just slightly above the minimum wage.