$2.21 trillion investment firm Pimco is set to start trading in cryptocurrencies.

Pimco, an American investment firm with $2.21 trillion in assets, plans to start trading cryptocurrencies. Daniel Ivaskin’s CIO told CNBC:

“We can now consider specific cryptocurrency trading as part of a trend-tracking or quantitative trading strategy, and we can continue to do more on the fundamentals,” he said.

According to him, this is a gradual process, during which the company has spent a lot of time studying internal processes and communicating with investors.

“We’re going to take small steps in a fast-growing field,” Ivaskin said.

He added that some of Pimco’s portfolio hedge funds trade securities related to cryptocurrencies.

According to Ivaskin, decentralized finance has the potential to fundamentally change the investment industry and disrupt a company’s business.

“The company is considering a scenario in which this could lead to us,” said Pimco’s Chief Information Officer. We need to be competitive in order to respond to a rapidly changing environment with products that are particularly attractive to a younger generation of investors.” .

I would like to remind clients of what the lowest interest rates on cryptocurrencies were, as the head of BlackRock Larry Fink, the world’s largest investment firm with assets under management (US$9.5 trillion).

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