10 Best Saint Paul Public School Jobs For You

Before considering Saint Paul Public School jobs, know this institution is widely known across the world as a citadel of learning that fosters a learning environment that not only nurtures academic excellence but also knows the value of a holistic environment.

Why do the likes of students and even job seekers want to become part of this great institution? Because it provides career opportunities for those seeking to make a meaningful impact when it comes to the field of education.

By the end of this blog post, you are going to know some of the 10 best Saint Paul Public School jobs, as well as understand they play an important role in the school’s commitment to providing quality education.

List Saint Paul Public School Jobs Available For You

Teaching Positions

Teaching is the cornerstone of the essence of every level of education taught. The management at Saint Paul Public School does not joke with the teaching faculty which is why they offer job offers for teachers across various subjects and grade levels.

To become a qualified teacher, you need to be passionate about impacting your knowledge to a wider audience ready to learn from you, so that you will be able to inspire and educate the next generation.


Educational Counselor

Being an educational counselor at Saint Paul Public School is a great opportunity, especially if you can recognize the importance of mental health and academic guidance.

This school will employ dedicated educational counselors who are competent for the position, and ready to play a significant role in supporting students in their personal and academic journey.

Most importantly, they usually provide counseling services to students and also assist in career development.


Administrative Staff

This SPPS job requires the running of the day-to-day operation to coordinate events and communication to ensure the smooth functioning of the institution.

The essence of this work is to build a successful school team of administrative staff to achieve maximum efficiency.


Language Instructor

If you are proficient in multiple languages, Saint Paul Public School presents you with the job offer of a language instructor to bridge the gap of communication by teaching various languages.

Being a language instructor is a valuable skill especially if you’re proficient in many languages. Your service may be required by this school to contribute to its global outlook by teaching languages beyond the standard curriculum, thereby preparing students for a multicultural future.


IT Specialist

Since technological advancements continue to move forward, Saint Paul Public School offers job opportunities to skilled IT specialists to manage and enhance their digital infrastructure.

There are several tasks to be taken by an IT specialist which involves maintaining the school’s official website and integrating cutting-edge educational technologies in classrooms.

As a result, the essence of an IT specialist should not be overlooked because they contribute significantly to the school’s modernization efforts.


Project Manager

Another important Saint Paul Public School job available is the service of a project manager. Project managers are always seen as resourceful because they coordinate various initiatives.

The line of work here involves managing infrastructure projects and implementing new educational programs. This makes them to be considered as a useful tool for the school’s strategic development growth.


Nutrition Services Assistance

Saint Paul Public School employs whoever is fit for the job position of nutrition service assistant.

A dedicated nutrition service assistant ensures that students receive not just meals but wholesome, nutritious, balanced dietary options.

They also focus on other food-related issues students face such as allergies, dietary restrictions, and cultural preferences.

Nutrition services assistants work closely with students, parents, and healthcare professionals to create inclusive and accommodating meal options that meet diverse needs within the school community.


Custodian Engineer

Custodian engineers ensure a clean and safe environment for a conducive learning atmosphere. This role goes beyond maintenance itself.

Custodian engineers are charged with the responsibility of preserving the school’s infrastructure, overseeing janitorial service, and ensuring a hygienic setting for students and staff.

Their dedication ensures that the physical surroundings align with the high standards set by Saint Paul Public School in all aspects of education by creating a positive and comfortable space for everyone.


Intervention Specialist

With the role of an Intervention Specialist as an SPPS job, you can guarantee every student’s success by guiding them to the right path.

They are professionals when it comes to providing targeted support to students facing academic challenges or those with various learning needs.

The intervention plans implemented by these professionals are very personalized to the extent that they work collaboratively with the likes of teachers, parents, and other supporting staff to develop an inclusive and nurturing environment.

The Intervention Specialist identifies learning gaps, implements effective strategies, and promotes an atmosphere of equal opportunity, ensuring that every student receives the tailored assistance required to excel in their educational journey at Saint Paul Public School.



Saint Peter Public School different kinds of career opportunities, each contributing to the school’s goal of providing quality education and holistic development. look for your preferred job here and thrive by making a lasting impact on the lives of students by embracing the opportunity to be a part of an institution that values education as a catalyst for positive change.


How many employees does St Paul Public Schools have?

It has approximately 6,500 teachers and staff members. All schools within the district are involved in the College in the Schools (CIS) program at the University of Minnesota. Additionally, St. Paul Public Schools manages community education initiatives catering to both pre-K students and adult learners.

How many students attend St Paul Public Schools?

SPPS stands as the second-largest school district in Minnesota, providing education to about 33,000 students through its network of 68 schools.

What is the graduation rate for St Paul public schools?

In the SPPS, 75% of the Class of 2022 successfully graduated within four years, reflecting a slight decrease of 1 percentage point compared to the 2021 graduation rate of 76%.